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this is how baguio feels right now

Roy Ayers / Searchin’



Two Cousins / Slow Club

I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile. Thank you, Slow Club. Dope music video too!

Photograph: The camera kinda messed up when i took this photo. Shutter hung but i do like how the outcome of it though. (Nikon FE, i forgot what film i used here)


Afternoon / Youth Lagoon

Wind was crazy intense up in the manila area today. Woke up to the sound of my windows shaking furiously as the electricity went out. Hope everyone is okay.

Photograph: Busy sunset afternoon around the Pasay area a little over a year ago. (LCA+, Redscale Film)

why do i always upload to the wrong blog?


Babe / Evenings

Been getting alot of work done of late. Hope to get more action on this music thing real soon. Enjoy the wonder of Evenings for now.

Photograph: I honestly do not remember where this photograph was taken. Probably one of my random day to day shots (LCA+, negative film)


The Great Staircase / Port Blue

Adam Young on the beats.

flickr is messing the fuck up right now


Fifth Avenue / Gold Panda

Don’t make plans on the 16th because Gold Panda is playing over at B-SIDE on thursday. Can’t wait to hear stuff from ‘Lucky Shiner’ live!

Photograph: double exposure shot over in makati on two different days. love walking around the city.


Weird Fishes / Radiohead

Floating in a sea of dreams.

Photograph taken in a park in legaspi.